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Neon Flower Power 70s Hippie Theme

Neon Flower Power 70s Hippie Theme

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This Balloon Arch Kit comes with everything that you need to complete the EXACT 15ft garland in the photograph. Access our 4 minute step by step tutorial from the included QR code and watch right on your phone. Average assembly time after inflation is less than 30 minutes!

Colors: Matte Dark Pink, Matte Yellow, Matte Light Green, Lime Green, Lavender


  • 40 - 5 Inch Balloons
  • 80- 12 Inch Balloons 
  • 3 - 18 Inch Balloons


  • 13 String Balloons
  • Pump
  • Garland Tape
  • Glue Dots

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Great garlands in 30 minutes.

Tie half the knots and never stare at Chinese made instructions again.

Great results in half the time.

More party, less prep.


How do I inflate this?

Our General Tips and Trick Video covers how to properly inflate foils. We include a handpump in all our kits but an electric pump is a great investment.

How will this ship?

Via USPS Priority Mail 3-5 Day

How can I view Tutorials?

Click here to view Tutorials

Party Decor Made Easy

Step by step video tutorials make sure you are stress free on party day.


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