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Astronaut Theme Balloon Arch Kit

Astronaut Theme Balloon Arch Kit

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This balloon garland kit rock(et)s! Featuring confetti balloons, dark metallics and TWO large foils, this party will be out of this world. 


This DIY Balloon Arch Box comes with everything that you need to complete the EXACT 15ft garland in the photo. Access our 4 minute step by step tutorial from the included QR code and watch right on your phone. Average assembly time after inflation is less than 30 minutes! More party, less prep. 

MAKE IT DELUXE: Add 2 panels of 3ft by 6ft silver shimmer fringe curtain and a 32 inch silver foil number of your choice.  



  • 40 - 5 Inch Balloons
  • 64 - 12 Inch Balloons 
  • 4 -18 Inch Balloons
  • 16 - String Balloons 


  • Balloon Pump
  • Glue Dots
  • Garland Tape
  • One Large Astronaut Foil Mylar Balloon
  • One Large Rocket Foil Mylar Balloon 
  • 2 Adhesive Hooks to Attach Foils to Garland
  • Silver Star Sold HERE

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Great garlands in 30 minutes.

Tie half the knots and never stare at Chinese made instructions again.

Great results in half the time.

More party, less prep.


How do I inflate this?

Our General Tips and Trick Video covers how to properly inflate foils. We include a handpump in all our kits but an electric pump is a great investment.

How will this ship?

Via USPS Priority Mail 3-5 Day

How can I view Tutorials?

Click here to view Tutorials

Balloon Arches Made Easy

Step by step video tutorials make sure you are stress free on party day.


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